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PM3000 - Why will I enjoy using it ?

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Why will I enjoy using it?


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Any of these great reasons!

  • It's small and light; easy to carry and tuck away, less hassle.
  • It comes with a purpose made cheerful bag.
  • It feels good and is attractive to look at.
  • Very thorough safety tests and fused voltage sensors mean you can relax and feel safe.
  • The flexible Rogowski coils are much easier to fasten round conductors.in awkward places and suitable for almost every job so you don't need anything else.
  • The bag contains a complete set of parts so you won't have to worry about forgetting anything.
  • Clip the voltage sensor roll on the front of the bag, hang the bag round your neck and how confident you will feel with both hands free up a pole or on some other difficult job.
  • Our Pronto software works with all our products so you will enjoy only having to learn about it once.
  • The graphs and reports are well presented and smart to look at. You will enjoy producing an important document.
  • Our manual, supplied on disc with the kit, is more comprehensive and readable than most manuals. Look through it and be delighted by the help it will give you.
  •  Don't forget the 'Help' in the logger menu. Button Help is available wherever you are in the menu, whatever your activity, to make learning how to use the logger as easy as possible. Topic Help instructs you on particular topics. We want you to enjoy feeling comfortable about using the logger as soon as possible.
  •  The backlit touchscreen is so easy to use especially with the plastic pointer pencil we have supplied. Just touch the screen once anywhere to start up the logger.
  •  Generally you will power the logger off the mains electricity when you are using it. You will feel completely relaxed about the integrity of your recorded information should the power go down. The logger will carry on recording for a further ten minutes after which it will shut down all processes so as to keep its battery power for conserving your data, for two months at least.
  •  It is so easy to go through the menu structure with the touchscreen. that you will quickly feel comfortable doing difficult set ups like calibration.

See for yourself how enjoyable it is to use. Contact Outram Research Ltd or our distributors and ask for a visit. Then play with it.